Why we love Natural Skincare!

Our skin is the single biggest organ of our bodies and what we put on our skin can be absorbed through it. What we put on our skin therefore matters just as much as what we put into our bodies!

Using natural soaps, shampoos and skincare comes with LOADS of benefits! Here are just a few of our favourites….

Naturally chemical free

The great thing about natural soap is that you can ensure it’s made from 100% natural ingredients! This is not usually the case with commercial soaps. Commercially produced soaps are strictly speaking chemical cleansers and detergents and not soap. This sounds horrible right? 

During the making of the ‘soap’ these companies will often strip out some of the goodness, like glycerin and add in other chemical agents to help the product last longer, cleanse and foam up. The most common of these are PARABENS, SLS and SLES.


Parabens are synthetic chemical agents used as preservatives in a wide range of food, cosmetics and skincare products. The most common parabens are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropylparaben and isobutylparaben. Thankfully with the handy use of the word paraben at the end it’s at least easier to find on the label!

Although parabens are widely used across the food and cosmetic industries, there is huge debate amongst medical researchers about whether they may contribute to the development of cancerous tissue in the body. A study by Phillipa D Darbe in 2004 sparked huge debate when her research found these chemicals present in the cancerous tissue of all 20 breast cancer patients in her study.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES)

SLS and SLES are also chemical agents derived from palm or coconut oil. They are added for their cleansing and foaming properties. Again, their impact on the body is largely unknown, but what is well documented is that they are very drying on the skin and are known irritants; not ideal for sensitive skin!

Natural soaps are a great way to avoid the chemicals which are used in large scale commercial ‘soap’ (or rather detergent) making!

Naturally moisturising and gentle

Glycerin is produced as part of the traditional cold soap making process used by many natural soapmakers.  Glycerin is an amazing by-product as its naturally moisturising and helps to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth! This is why glycerin is often taken out by the commercial soap companies and sold to the cosmetic industry for use in make-up, creams and lotions. By using natural soap, you get this glycerin onto your skin, naturally!

Naturally better for your health

Apologies in advance to scientists and medical professionals who can explain far more eloquently than me for the following explanation! Simply put, when you wash using soap, the soap molecules attach to the dirt on your skin allowing it to be washed away by the water. With recent events, we have heard from these professionals about how soap not only removes germs from your hands, but also helps to kill them off! Soap molecules break down the fatty membrane of a virus so it basically falls apart and dies (or becomes inactive as viruses are not actually alive). In any case, HURRAY!

Naturally better for the environment

Because the soap attaches to the dirt to be washed away, this means that whatever is in the soap (and on your skin), washes down your plug hole! By using natural soap, you know that it’s natural ingredients washing away and not a load of nasty chemicals or synthetic agents that can end up in our rivers and oceans.

Whay swap?

So why swap to natural soap? Natural soaps are better for you, your skin and the environment. Wohoo!

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