Soap made with only the best natural ingredients

Where It All Began – The Making Of Our Soap

Did you know that babies’ skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s? With this in mind, it’s even more important to use only the best ingredients for products we use on their delicate skin.

There are so many oils and butters available to make soap. Soap is incredibly versatile and the possibilities are endless. So where do you begin?

With a daughter suffering from eczema, I had a very clear brief. For me, the combination of ingredients would need to:

  • Nourish and moisturise the skin.
  • Help improve skin that was prone to dryness, eczema and other. conditions
  • Reduce irritation / inflammation of the skin.
  • Gently cleanse sensitive skin.

I read hundreds of blogs, websites and books about natural ingredients. I wanted to understand their properties and how they can be used to make soap. I ordered ingredients from several different suppliers of organic ingredients, tested the difference between refined and unrefined oils and oils extracted using different extraction methods. I made different batches to test the quality of each ingredient and how it affected the soap and our skin.

It’s a painstaking process (with soap taking 6 weeks to fully cure before I could properly test each sample). I tweaked the recipe and re-tested where I didn’t feel it was 100% right, until finally, I had a recipe that worked.

After all these batches of soap and lots of tests on friends and family, I now only use ingredients certified as organic. We only use oils and butters that have been extracted and refined using processes that don’t use chemicals. This helps to ensure the oils retain the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the nut or fruit it’s produced from. The oil is then used to make our soap for you and your little ones.

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