Our Ingredients

Vitamin & mineral packed AVOCADO OIL


These super foods are packed full of incredible vitamins and minerals! Here are a handful of our favourites to explain why we use avocado oil in all of our products:

Oleic Acid, (an Omega 9 fatty acid) that helps to reduce inflammation and cholesterol and is often linked with a reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease.

Vitamin E which is essential for the bodies’ cellular health.

Potassium, a mineral that helps control the balance of fluid in the body, helps the heart muscle to work properly and helps to destroy ‘free radicals’ which are unstable atoms that can damage cells in your body and can cause illness.

Vitamin A which helps your immune system and your body’s natural defence against illness and infection. It also helps to keep skin healthy.

Vitamin D which helps to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

Avocado oil sinks deep into the skin and is anti-inflammatory, so it’s often used to help treat dry skin and eczema. A study in 2013 even suggested avocado oil could be used to help wounds heal quicker and reduce the appearance of scars. This is thanks to avocado oil being a natural stimulator to the body to produce collagen.

Nourishing SHEA BUTTER

Shea Butter comes from the nuts of the Shea tree which are native to West Africa. Shea encourages your skin to absorb moisture from the air so it becomes softer and stays moisturised for longer. We only use naturally filtered Shea. This helps to make sure that its nourishing properties are retained throughout the refining process. This is what helps to make our products kind and gentle on your skin.

Our Shea is from Ghana and our supplier is Fairtrade certified. This means they pay fair prices and help maintain good working conditions for farmers and workers. They also ensure sustainable farming practices are followed to reduce the impact on the environment. Our supplier has been working in Bolgatanga since 2006 where they help the local community improve their job prospects, their education and their health too.

Moisturising OLIVE OIL

Like avocado oil, olive oil is also high in oleic acid (the Omega 9 fatty acid), vitamin A and vitamin E. Olive oil is high in antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, fight against inflammation and help lower your risk of heart disease.

The olive oil we use is from a co-operative in Catalonia that grow Arbequina olives. The Arbequina olives are naturally low in acidity and make beautiful moisturising olive oil. This is a perfect to help make our products that are carefully formulated for sensitive skin.  


Coconut oil is also full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Like avocado oil it is anti-inflammatory and can help to calm dry, sensitive and damaged skin. As a light oil, coconut sinks in to the skin quickly giving that great initial relief. That’s why we use it alongside our avocado oil which is a much heavier oil, to make sure that calming relief to your skin lasts much longer! 

Our oil comes from the white meat of the coconut making it exceptionally pure. The oil is from a sustainable ancient coconut estate in Sri Lanka where they can ensure fair treatment of the workers collecting the coconuts and making the delicious oil.

Conditioning CASTOR OIL

Castor Oil is the oil pressed from Castor Beans (or technically seeds). These seeds grow on the Castor plant which is native to Africa, India and South America. This wonderfully rich oil is full of ricinoleic acid. This helps to create a barrier on the skin and lock in moisture, keeping it soft and preventing dryness.

It is amazing for your hair too as it helps condition each strand making it smoother and shinier. The castor oil helps us to create the gorgeous creamy, bubbly lather of our soaps and shampoo bars too.

Restorative KOKUM BUTTER

Kokum butter comes from the seeds of the Garcinia Indica tree native to West India. Kokum butter contains stearic acid and as a result is often described as a ‘hair loving’ butter. It helps hair to grow healthily as it strengthens from the roots and provides the cells in the scalp with the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth. It’s a great moisturiser for your hair too and helps to prevent damage and breakage to the individual hair strands.  

Strengthening JOJOBA OIL

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds from the Jojoba plant which predominantly grows in desert regions in the Southwest of the United States.

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins that help to nourish your hair, including vitamins C, B and E. This gorgeous oil also helps to strengthen your hair by reducing breakage to individual strands.