It’s all in a name

When I was pregnant, me and my husband Matt would spend hours talking about what to call our little one that was on its way. If you are anything like us, these kinds of discussions would usually start with Googling ‘best baby names’ or ‘top 100 baby names’ and would end in one of the following:

  1. You trying to get your other half to understand it’s odd / inappropriate / ridiculous they would want to call your little one the same name as their best friend / ex-partner / kid you used to hate in school.
  2. One of you veto-ing the name the other has as their first choice for no other reason than ‘I just don’t like it’.
  3. Discussing the same names you’d talked about and vetoed an hour earlier.

The same issue is true it seems for deciding on a name for your business. Except this time, Google is not your friend. In fact, if you can Google the name and it comes up, it’s off the list and your back to the drawing board.

So that’s what we did. We got an actual drawing board (or a rather large piece of paper and stuck it to the kitchen table). Over the course of a couple of weeks we jotted down names of brands we liked, synonyms for soap and skincare, synonyms of the properties of our products such as natural. We added names people use for babies (little ones, tots, tiny humans, moppets). Izzy our then 2 year old also got in on the game adding her drawings when I left pens on the table!

I also added the list of ingredients that went into our products. One of the key ingredients we use is AVOCADO oil because it is absolutely incredible for the skin and packed full of vitamins and minerals.  With Avocados being such an integral ingredient to us, this had to be reflected in our name.

It was only after looking at the word, written in capital letters on the kitchen table, amongst the ‘brain dumps’ and 2 year old drawing session, did it become clear. ODACOVA was born.

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