How To Wash Your Hands

The 8th March will see all children and students returning to face to face education as schools and colleges re-open. Many parents will understandably be feeling a mixture of emotions; relief that the challenges of home schooling will be over and worry that this close contact will mean greater risks again to our families. The vaccination programme offers a huge weight off many shoulders, but washing you hands is still one of the most important ways for us to reduce spread of virus.

At the beginning of lockdown number 1, experts talked about the importance of washing our hands. When we wash our hands with soap, the soap molecules not only help to wash away the germs but also break down the fatty membranes of the virus. As a result, the virus falls apart and dies (or rather becomes inactive as viruses are not actually ‘alive’).

Encouraging our children to continue to regularly wash our hands will continue to help protect them and your family from transmitting the virus.

So here’s a quick re-cap on the beast way to wash our hands:

1. Take around 20 seconds to wash. The NHS suggests singing ‘Happy birthday’ twice over. However, you may want to get your kids to do this in their heads rather than out loud at school. Otherwise, they may drive teachers mad if a classroom full of kids give renditions of happy birthday several times a day!

2. Rub your hands together, palm to palm, in a circular motion.

3. Clean the back of each hand with the palm of your opposite hand.

4. Clean in between your fingers by interlocking your fingers and rubbing back and forth.

5. Rub the back of your fingers by rubbing your interlocked fingers into your palm. Repeat for each hand.

6. Clean around each thumb with your opposite hand.

7. Rub your fingertips into the palm of your opposite hand. Repeat for both hands.

8. Wash each wrist with your opposite hand

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