Parent Survivial Tips

Many of us wish that their little ones came with an instruction manual. Although we can't provide that, we can offer some useful tips from our team and our customers that have helped us all to survive this amazing adventure!

Mummy Makes Soap

In 2020 I took the plunge leaving a great job to start my own business. This is my journey as a mum balancing busy family life with that of building Odacova.

Natural Skincare

From natural to organic, SLS to parabens, there are lot's of terms used by the cosmetic industry when it comes to talking about skincare. Find out more about these and what it means for your skin here.

Meet Dee From Mummy Makes Soap

I’m a mum of whirlwinds in the shape of 2 little girls, Izzy and Emi. I survive the incredible, fun, (exhausting) world of parenting with my husband Matt.

With a toddler who suffers with eczema (and as a suffer myself), I know how hard it is to find skincare that works, but is also gentle enough on sensitive skin. I started out making soap and became hooked on natural skincare. I love the amazing ingredients that nature provides, the process of hand making skincare products from them and being able to carefully select ingredients because of their properties and effect on your skin.

We’re so lucky to be based  in the gorgeous Cheshire countryside and I try to make the most of it by putting on my trainers and heading out for a (very slow) run when I can!